I help overwhelmed coaches, healers, and creators build sustainable marketing ecosystems.

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Grow your business by doing less. No bro marketing, no over-engineering, no fluff. You already have all the puzzle pieces (maybe a few extra that are confusing you), you just need to piece it together!

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I've got a couple really fun offers for you to explore when the time is right to invest in guidance and support.

Can you Answer these 3 Simple questions?

These 3 areas make up the foundation of your business. Then, we build a SIMPLE ecosystem around it. This makes it growable & sustainable.


The Marketing
Ecosystem Workshop

A 6-week group workshop to build your sustainable marketing ecosystem with guidance and support.

November 2021


I’ve seen the power marketing has. I’ve seen it used for good and evil.

I see a world where marketing is used far more for good. 

It’s simple and authentic. It’s ethical, helpful, and accessible.

Introverted, highly sensitive coaches & creators can build sustainable marketing ecosystems that propel their business into momentum without bro marketing & toxic funnelinity (tricks, manipulation, scarcity, fomo, fear based energy etc).

What I Stand For

I stand for ethical, heart-centered, conscious marketing and business. I stand for equality. I stand for social justice. I stand for an equitable society. I stand for sustainability. I stand for the planet. I stand for animals. I stand for women who’ve had a disadvantage. I stand for men who are lost. I stand for depression and mental health. I stand for brain health and longevity. I stand for education. I stand for a fair justice system.

What I Fight Against

I fight against bro marketing, toxic funnelinity, toxic masculinity/femininity. I fight against clickfunnels. I fight against programs and gurus who say “this is the only way,” and “I’ve made millions, so can you!” I fight against people who overpromise and underdeliver. I fight against people who are money only focused and see their clients as numbers, not humans. I fight against complexity and bloated tools. I fight against dishonesty and inauthenticity. I fight against hype and buzz words.

Client Love



Cause let’s be honest…it’s all about me

To empower coaches, healers, and creators [who fall more on the introverted, energetically sensitive, and creative side of the spectrum] with the ability to build sustainable marketing ecosystems. To teach marketing minimalism and eradicate bro marketing. To make marketing human and relationship focused. To help build brands that have a positive impact on people and the planet.