We Build Heart-Centered Client Acquisition Systems for Coaches

You need a system that automatically attracts clients so you can focus on the fun stuff – creating great content and coaching your clients.


Beautiful Design


“I literally almost broke down in tears when I tried to build my funnel.” – Shoshanna

People don’t break, their systems do.

Imagine this…in the next week, you have a system running for you 24/7 that builds authentic relationships with your ideal clients and fills your calendar so you can focus on doing what you love – coaching and creating.

Imagine a personalized and automated system that walks prospects through these essential phases:

You need a funnel that guides your audience from subscribing to booking a call.

Without a great funnel…

😖 You’ll get burnt out

😑 Your funnel will have holes in it, allowing people to fall through

😬 You’ll become the bottleneck of your business

🤑 You’ll spend way too much money on the wrong tools

😕 You may not seem professional or legit

☹️ You’ll sacrifice consistency

Before we go any further, let’s make sure we are on the same page. Funnels are simple, they help you grow your business, but there is so much info out there on the internet that it often gets confusing. So let’s break it down in simple terms.

What is a Funnel?

There are differnt types of funnels and many different words. Some of the most common are:

  • Sales funnel
  • Marketing funnel
  • Relationship funnel
  • Purchase funnel

But essentially, its a client focused marketing model that illustrates the theoretical client journey towards becoming a customer or client.

Maybe you’ve found some success in your coaching business without a funnel. Or, maybe your funnel is in place, but it’s not converting like you want.

Regardless, at some point you will need a funnel to continue growing. A heart funnel not only brings you more clients automatically, but also frees up your time!

Without the right funnel, you get stuck in your business and  your clients suffer.

Think about a romantic relationship

You walk into a coffee shop and see someone super attractive across the room. You walk up to them, get on a knee, and ask them to marry you.

Well, that would be really weird and they would say no (hopefully they have a damn sense of humor because that would funny as hell).

This isn’t how humans work, but that’s often how people treat their audience.

How humans actually work...

Instead, you would summon the courage to strike up a casual conversation. Maybe you would give them a compliment.

Hopefully the conversation goes well and you would connect somehow (phone number, social media etc).

You would chat back and forth for a while (days or weeks) before asking the big question….

“want to go on a date?”

They say yes, you go on the date, and get to know each other. You can usually tell within the first 30 minutes if there will be a second date.

Fast forward a few weeks and you’re officially dating.
If the next couple years, if all goes well, you would be happily married. Congratulations!

That’s how we treat your audience. If there’s a connection, we focus on getting them to the next logical step without moving too fast (or too slow).

The Funnel

The relationship funnel mimics this process because that’s how humans work!

We need to know, like, and trust you before we invest our time or money in you.

It’s called a funnel because you lose some people along the way. Of course, not everyone will become a client. And not everyone will engage after the first phase.

This funnel is a system that automatically guides people through this relationship buildilng process.

Every funnel is different, but they generally follow the same structure.


Imagine having a system in place that does all this for you while you coach your clients and create content. Oh, and we could have it booking calls for you in the next few weeks!

Hi! I'm Miles

Marketer, copywriter, brain health nerd, entrepreneur, lover of frozen mangos...

I’ve been in marketing for a decade. I love it. I started building websites back in 2015, which led to my first few online brands. I’ve had a hand in every aspect of marketing.

Copywriting, branding, web development, paid advertising, funnel building, email marketing, social media, design and more.

My partner Shoshanna started her coaching business in late 2019.

After some ups and downs, it exploded. She had more clients than she could handle!

This was wonderful to watch and be a part of; until things got messy. She found herself getting completely overwhelmed by all the tech stuff, especially building a system.

Her business coach told her she needed a funnel to grow an email list, build the relationship, and book calls for her so she can continue to grow without burnout.

She was posting on social media, doing facebook lives, running her group, writing guest posts for online publications, growing her podcast, and booking more amazing clients.

She quickly found her limits and needed help with organization.

She needed to get out of her own way!​

So I sat down with her, asked her some questions, built out a simple funnel plan, and voilà!

Her funnel is running smoothly, building relationships, providing amazing value, helping people and moving them one step closer to becoming a client (all while she does what she loves most, creating content and coaching her clients).

If I may…

Your Problem

You’ve probably been told by your coach or mentor to build a system for your business. That’s great advice!

Maybe you googled it and signed up for Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Convertkit, Lead Pages, ActiveCampaign or any of the many other tools out there.

But then you got overwhelmed, confused, stressed, frustrated, and began to question everything… (we’ve been there many times)

😰 How do you know which tool is for you?
🤔 How do people opt-in to your free offer?
😖 How do you do segmentation?
🤔 How do you design email templates?
😬 How do I send campaigns and set up sequences?
🤢 How do you build and customize your landing page design?
😌 How do people opt-in to your free offer?
🙄 How do you connect everything?
🤬 How do you track analytics and data?
🥵 What do you do if it breaks!
😂 How do you stay organized and efficient

Life’s too short to stress out about the technical stuff. You simply need a system to ensure your content is reaching your people in the right way. From opt-in to booking a call (and beyond)

Let us do the tech stuff. Stop working in your business and work on your business, the fun stuff!

The Plan

How it works

M.R.I Call

Marketing Resonance Imaging Consulting Call where we deep dive into your business so we can diagnose and prescribe the right funnel.

Funnel Blueprint

We match you up with the perfect funnel. We nail down the copy, branding and system requirements to meet the business needs.

HeartFunnel Surgery

We build your HeartFunnel! Once it's done, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to thrive (plus an exciting surprise...)

We want to help you impact more clients if…

  • You’re a coach
  • You have a successful track record
  • You don’t have a system in place for client acquisition
  • You have a broken system
  • You have an expensive or annoying system
  • You have an unscalable system
  • You’re turned off by Clickfunnels
  • You don’t want to get stuck with a huge software bill every month for a bloated system

We will work with you and for you to build out this system using our proven methodology that incorporates…

👋 Authentic messaging
🥰 Relationship building
🤩 Beautiful Design
🤗 Simplicity
🚀 Scalability

We love helping female coaches in the following niches:

  • Life coaching
  • Empowerment coaching
  • Fitness/health/wellbeing
  • Sex/intimacy
  • Nutrition/mindful eating
  • Spiritual
  • Parenting and family
  • Dating/Relationship
  • Divorce/post-breakup
  • Business/marketing

Our mission is to help empower female coaches reach more clients and have a greater impact.

We believe that the world is in need of powerful feminine energy. The kind of energy you have. The energy you give your clients.

The fastest way to change this is if masculine and feminine are used in harmony.

HeartFunnels is focused on helping successful female coaches get more clients and free up their time using a heart centered client acquisition system.

You didn’t get into this to worry about the backend stuff…

  • Website
  • Funnels
  • Links
  • Analytics
  • Tech stuff…

You got into coaching to help people. We’d love to help you with your mission.

Your new funnel will…

  • Align with your brand
  • Free you up to coach and grow your business
  • Grow your list and authentically guide them from awareness to booking a call
  • Allow you to focus on your business
  • Enable you to outsource the tech stuff
  • Empower you and your clients
  • Be easy to edit [think templates]

I’ve been building marketing and business systems for years. People don’t burn out, their systems do. You need a reliable funnel that builds the relationship with your ideal prospective clients and books calls, otherwise you will remain the bottleneck.

Maybe you’ve tried hiring a VA, but the quality wasn’t there. You can’t outsource your content.

But you enjoy creating content, you just need systems to ensure your content is reaching your people in the right way.

From awareness to booking a call (and beyond)

Start focusing on the fun stuff - creating great content and coaching your clients.

You need a system that automates your business growth. A funnel that guides your audience from subscribing to booking a call.

We want to build you a system that gets you more clients without more of your time….in fact, less of it!

Why this is the best investment you can make right now for your coaching business

You’re great at what you do. You clients need you. Future clients need to find you, get to know you, and sign up for a call. To do that, you need a system to run for you 24/7.

You’re running a business, right?

Healthy businesses don’t rely on one person, they rely on systems.

By the end of this page, you’ll be sick of the word system, which means I did my job!

You need to understand how important efficient systems are in your business and life if you want to grow.

You don’t want to get lost in the weeds of reaching out, follow up, keeping track of notes, sending emails, and tracking links. This is the stuff that will quickly make you the bottleneck.

What makes HeartFunnels different

Here is the thing I don’t see many people talking about.

Clickfunnels, which is pretty much the industry go to for funnel building, looks spammy, can be buggy, and costs $97 per month for the entry-level account, which doesn’t even include email marketing (essential).

That’s a whopping $1,164 / yr for the lite version and $3,564 / yr for the suite version. Most people don’t use it in a way that justifies this price and end up wasting tons of money. Also, you don’t have time for all that, you just need the funnel in place so you can drive traffic to it.

We’ve discovered an easy way to create more flexibility, on-brand designs, non-buggy, slick, and effective funnels that do what Clickfunnels does and more for a fraction of the price!

That means that once your system is up and running, you won’t have $300-500+ per month hanging over your head just for a software you don’t want to use.

Our process gives your unique coaching business the system it needs to grow and thrivet

Why are you here...?

I don’t know why you’re here, but I have a hunch.

Your business is unorganized.

Your design is messy.

Your brand is inconsistent

Your words are confusing.

That’s because you haven’t studied marketing, branding and copywriting.

You’ve never built websites, landing pages or funnels, and you’re not going to start today…

This may not be for you

I’m not sure if a HeartFunnel is for you, but if you know someone who wants to stop wasting money and time trying to reach more people, It’s likely I can help.

Are you open-minded?

How open minded are you?

How open are you to the idea that you’re missing huge opportunities for growth?

How open are you to the idea that the words you use in your business are confusing and not compelling?

How open are you to truly understanding your audience?

How open minded are you to speaking to one specific person instead of a broad group?

How open are you to clarifying your message so that it actually speaks to them?

How open minded are you to the idea that you could 3x, 5x, and 10x your business with some minor tweaks?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “small hinges swing big doors?” Your business may only need new hinges. Hell, maybe it simply needs some WD40.

How open are you to trying something different?

When's a good time to chat?

When would be a good time to finally take action and outsource an area of your business you aren’t great at?

I want to hear your goals. I want to see if this is right for you. Pick a time below that works for you.

I’ll answer any questions you have on the call.

Relying on your energy and effort in the wrong areas will keep you stagnant and eventually kill your business.

At this point, you've only got 2 options.

  • Book your call
  • Exit the page

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain ; )