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Grow your business by doing less. No bro marketing, no over-engineering, no fluff. You already have all the puzzle pieces (maybe a few extra that are confusing you), you just need to piece it together!

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Can you Answer these 3 Simple questions?

These 3 areas make up the foundation of your business. Then, we build a SIMPLE ecosystem around it. This makes it growable & sustainable.

“$250,000 in less than 8 months. Thanks for being the backbone of my business.” – Shoshanna

People don’t break, their systems do.

I’m sick of it!

I’m sick of talking to badass coaches who are getting stuck.

You’re not a tech, marketing, design, funnels expert, so why are you trying to learn everything?

You don’t have time to sift through all the info to see what’s right for you.

Imagine this…

In the next few weeks, you have a heart-centered, beautiful sales ecosystem running for you 24/7 that builds authentic relationships with your people so you can convert them into clients.

Attract new high-ticket coaching clients every month and focus on doing what energizes you – coaching and creating.

Sounds nice, right?

Here’s what you’re likely missing my friend.

First off, you don’t yet understand how to reliably drive people to your funnel organically.

You’re running around like a crazy person trying to get people to invest in you.

It ain’t sustainable is it?

Second, your “funnel” has holes in it.

The people that are interested in working with you fall through the cracks and never book a call with you.

Third, the people that do sign on with you aren’t taken care of.

You’re customer journey is boring and uneventful, leaving them with “buyers remorse.

Instead, you need a semi-automated system that nurtures them into becoming life-long clients and customers.

And finally…

Your people need to go through a few really important internal shifts before booking a call with you.

(let alone investing 2 – 10k+).

Your funnel doesn’t support them in these shifts.

Your current process only scratches the surface.

We gotta go deep!

So let’s do that.

Right here, right now.

What the fu*k is a HeartFunnel, Miles?

Great question, I like you already.

It’s a system that turns traffic into dollars so you can be rich.

A HeartFunnel is a carefully crafted collection of content, copy, pages, emails, messages, and automations that work in harmony to turn your people into clients.

It’s a heart-centered system you can rely on to generate leads and warm them up until they are ready to book a call with you.

What’s heart-centered even mean?

It means you’ve got a clear reason for doing what you do in your business.

While it’s important, it’s not just for the money.

This reason is aligned with your heart and your vision.

Every action you take in and around your business is in integrity with your heart.

The heart of your business pumps blood through every word you post on social media, in your emails, and on your website.

You check in with this integrity before every decision, client call, sales call, and investment.

If at any point you question integrity, pause, sink back into your heart, and act accordingly.

Here’s what the HeartFunnel Ecosystem looks like from a far.

Inside this Ecosystem, you can have a funnel for each offering. Essentially, a path for them to follow that supports them through the necessary shifts.

Most Funnels end here.

The HeartFunnel continues throughout the entire client journey. Because you actually give a sh*t.

This creates an automated Ecosystem that builds your email list, fills your calendar, and empowers you to grow sustainably.

Shift #2: What may happen if you move forward without a HeartFunnel?

Let’s talk about the problem for a brief second to make sure we’re on the same page.

Without the right funnel, you risk…

😖 Getting burnt out

😑 Losing clients through cracks in your funnel

😬 Becoming the bottleneck of your business

🤑 Spending way too much money on the wrong tools

😕 Coming off as less professional

☹️ Sacrificing consistency

😕 Experiencing inconsistent months

😬 Banging your head against the metaphorical wall

😖 Maybe even crying…

I do NOT want to see you cry. Unless of course it’s a good cry. I do that from time to time. It’s theraputic.

Who in the ‘why should I care’ are you?

Hi! I'm Miles


Marketer, copywriter, brain health nerd, entrepreneur, hippy, lover of coffee & frozen mangos (not at the same time).

I’ve been in marketing for over 8 years. I love it. I started building websites back in 2015, which led to my first few online brands. I’ve had a hand in every aspect of marketing.

Copywriting, branding, web development, paid advertising, funnel building, email marketing, social media, design and more.

My partner, Shoshanna, started her coaching business in early 2020.

After some ups and downs, it exploded. She had more clients than she could handle!

This was wonderful to watch and be a part of; until things got messy. She found herself getting completely overwhelmed by all the tech stuff, especially building a system.

Her business coach told her she needed a funnel to grow an email list, build the relationship, and book calls for her so she can continue to grow her business without burnout.

She was posting on social media, doing facebook lives, running her group, writing guest posts for online publications, growing her podcast, and booking more amazing clients.

She quickly found her limits and needed help with organization.

She needed a system to free her up!

So I sat down with her, asked her some questions, built out a simple funnel plan, and voilà!

Her funnel is running smoothly, building relationships, providing amazing value, helping people and moving them one step closer to becoming a client (all while she does what she loves most, creating content and coaching her clients).

Is a HeartFunnel right for You?

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve probably heard, at one point or another, that you need a funnel.

Maybe you’ve been told by your coach or mentor to build a system for your business. That’s great advice!

Maybe you googled it and signed up for Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Convertkit, Lead Pages, ActiveCampaign or any of the many other tools out there.

But then you got overwhelmed, confused, stressed, frustrated, and began to question everything…

(been there)

🙄 What kind of funnel do I need?
😰 How do you know which tool is for you?
🤔 How do people opt-in to your free offer?
🤢 How do I drive traffic to my funnel?
🙄 How do I create lead magnets that work?
😖 How do you do segmentation?
🥵 How do I write compelling copy
🤔 How do you design email templates?
🤬 How do I optimize my social media
😬 How do I send campaigns and set up sequences?
🤢 How do you build and customize your landing page design?
🙄 How do you connect everything?
🤬 How do you track analytics and data?
🥵 What do you do if it breaks!
😂 How do you stay organized and efficient

To name a few…

I want to help you grow if…

  • You’re a coach, consultant, or healer
  • You have a validated offer
  • You don’t have a system in place for client acquisition
  • You have a broken system
  • You have an expensive or annoying system
  • Your system can’t keep up with you
  • You’re turned off by bro marketing
  • You don’t want to get stuck with a huge software bill every month for a bloated system

We love helping heart-centered coaches in the following niches:

  • Life coaching
  • Empowerment coaching
  • Embodiment coaching
  • Fitness/health/wellbeing
  • Energy coaches
  • Men’s coaches
  • Sex/intimacy
  • Nutrition/mindful eating
  • Spiritual
  • Grief coaching
  • Parenting and family
  • Dating/Relationship
  • Divorce/post-breakup
  • Business/marketing
  • Healers

We will work with you and for you to build out this system using our proven methodology that incorporates…

👋 Authentic messaging
🥰 Relationship building
🤩 Beautiful Design
🤗 Simplicity
🚀 Growability

Your new funnel will…

  • Align with your brand
  • Free up your energy to coach and grow your business
  • Grow your list and authentically guide your people towards the center of your ecosystem (you)
  • Allow you to focus on what your business needs
  • Enable you to outsource the tech stuff
  • Empower you and your clients

I’ve been building marketing and business systems for years.

People don’t burn out, their systems do.

You need a reliable funnel that builds the relationship with your ideal prospective clients and books calls, otherwise you will remain the bottleneck.

You’ve got content for days, but you’re not sure how to use it and where to send people.

You simply need systems to ensure your content is reaching your people in the right way and filling your funnel.

From awareness to booking a call (and beyond)

Life’s too short to stress out about all that stuff. Take a deep belly breath, shake off the stress and anxiety, and click the big red button below. I got you.

Shift #5: Okay, how’s this going down?

It’s pretty simple, really. Go through the short application to make sure it’s a good fit. Book your 30 min heart to heart call and we’ll know by the end of that call if we should work together.

The Plan

Here’s how it works

Client Love

In one session together I was able to unpack some of my own resistances surrounding my business and ecosystem. I felt empowered with where my focus is going with my business come 2021 and I can’t thank Miles enough for giving me the compassionate push that I needed to give myself permission to run my business in a way that feels authentic to me. If you are considering working with Miles, do it! You won’t regret it.
 – Jess Palmer

Just wanted to say that I appreciate SO MUCH how you show up.

You led me to some pretty deep epiphanies around not only my work, but around my motivation and relationship with masculine and feminine energies.

Somehow through my one session with you, I was more fired up, more accountable for my biz and more committed than ever. I saw how your healthy and divine masculine leadership inspired me in ways I hadn’t experienced in the entrepreneurial world.

Long story short, I grew up with a mom who was very passive and so her directions and demands didn’t instill much conviction for me because I didn’t have a strong masculine presence/container the majority of my life. I had a lightbulb moment as I reflected on our call and realized how powerful you and other masculine leaders can be as guides on the journey of entrepreneurship for women like me.

Despite working with so many amazing female mentors/coaches- your kind yet direct, no BS approach was so damn motivating, whereas with most women, I have an easier time taking their gentleness as a get-out-of-jail free card. Feel like some would dock me a few feminist points here but I was just so impressed after our call 🙂

– Liz Lalor



Cause let’s be honest…it’s all about me

Empower 500 coaches, healers, authors, speakers, and creators, with heart-centered ecosystems that sustainably attract 100+ clients each, thus transforming the lives of over 50,000 people.

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NOT a blog for blog sake. I share everything I know in as few words as possible.

A gift

Need to dip your toes in? I get it. Check out these templates and trainings.

Miles’ emails are some of the few that I actually read because they provide so much value in so little time.

He cuts the fat and gets to the point, without any bro marketing vibes. I can tell he’s done countless hours of research to now be this authority that I trust when it comes to all things systems, marketing, and branding.

I sometimes even print the emails out so I can read them, again and again, to remind myself of what’s most important, before I get lost in the abyss that is online entrepreneurial advice.

And the videos he shares are also easy to follow and bookmark. Last but not least, I love that he preps his audience to expect value packed messages from him on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I have something to look forward to.

I’m so glad to be connected to an intuitive, heart-led leader like Miles who holds a strong masculine container with a deep acceptance and understanding of the feminine.

Liz Lalor

Why HeartFunnels may be the best investment for you and your coaching business

You’re great at what you do.

Your clients need you. 

Future clients need to find you, get to know you, and sign up for a call.

To do that, you need a system to run for you 24/7.

You’re running a business, right?

Healthy businesses don’t rely on one person, they rely on systems.

By the end of this page, you’ll be sick of the word system, which means I did my job!

You need to understand how important efficient systems are in your business and life if you want to grow.

You don’t want to get lost in the weeds of reaching out, follow up, keeping track of notes, sending emails, and tracking links.

This is the stuff that will quickly make you the bottleneck.

What makes HeartFunnels different

Here is the thing I don’t see many people talking about.

Clickfunnels, which is pretty much the industry go to for funnel building, looks spammy, can be buggy, and costs $97 per month for the entry-level account, which doesn’t even include email marketing (essential).

That’s a whopping $1,164 / yr for the lite version and $3,564 / yr for the suite version.

Most people don’t use it in a way that justifies this price and end up wasting tons of money.

On top of that, you don’t have time to allocate to learning all that stuff, you just need the funnel in place so you can drive traffic to it.

Minus the bro marketing

We’ve discovered an easy way to create more flexibility, on-brand designs, non-buggy, slick, and effective funnels that do what Clickfunnels does and more for a fraction of the price!

That means that once your system is up and running, you won’t have $300-500+ per month hanging over your head just for a software you don’t want to use.

Our process gives your unique coaching business the system it needs to grow and thrive.

When's a good time to chat?

When would be a good time to finally take action and outsource an area of your business you aren’t great at?

I want to hear your goals. I want to see if this is right for you. Pick a time below that works for you.

Have I done my job

At this point, you've only got 2 options.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain ; )