Happy Birthday Shoshanna

Another Revolution in the bag!

Happy birthday Shoshanna. To show you how much I love you and to celebrate your life, let’s have an amazing day, yeah?

First, let's look at the weather...


Let's take a look at the Itenerary!

This is a text box. When there’s text here, it looks better. So guess what….I love you. I’m so excited for today. Can I have a kiss?

7-8:30 — wake up and get ready for the day, no rush!

8:45-10:30 —  Coffee + Journal + Prompts at a cafe

11-12 — Orange theory with Josh! 🍊

12-12:30 — Shower + change

1-2 — Vital Root + eat

2:15-3:15 – Surprise

3:30-5 — Scoot downtown to another surprise + stop wherever along the way #followyourcuriosity

5:30-6:30 – Name on the list at C’OC, walk to HH until table is ready

6:30-8 – Dinner at C’OC!

8-Sleep  – Do whatever feels right.