What is “Heart-centered” marketing?

What do I mean when I say Heart-centered funnels, systems, and marketing.

My entire business revolves around being heart-centered. 

To me, this means that you’ve got a clear reason for doing what you do in your business.

This reason is aligned with your heart.

Every action you take in and around your business is in integrity with your heart.

The heart of your business pumps blood through every word you post on social media, in emails, and on your website.

You check in with this integrity before every decision, client call, sales call, and investment.

If at any point you question integrity, pause, sink back into your heart, and act accordingly.

We are imperfect humans deciding to solve problems and make the world a better place through coaching, leadership, community building, and entrepreneurship.

We will slip up.

Being able to pause and pivot will allow you to build a sustainable business that energizes you and serves the world.

Remember this.