Landing Page Templates

Use these landing page templates (short + long) to create a high-converting landing page. Build your email list and generate leads.

How do you know which one to use?

It really depends on how cold your traffic is and how valuable your lead magnet is.

The colder and less clear the lead magnet is, the more selling will need to be done, so choose a longer landing page so you can spell out some benefits and add supporting copy.

If it’s a quick checklist that you’re sending warmer traffic to, choose the short opt-in page (less selling is needed/you’ve already done the selling on social).

Integrate a form that will send them a welcome email with the lead magnet. I use ActiveCampaign.

Once they sign up, redirect them to a thank you page, like this.

You’ll want to create a 1 to 2 minute video that invites them to a call with you.

Give them a specific reason to book the call.

What is the desired outcome of the call?

Make this call worth a lot more than free.

For example:

Book your 55 minute HeartFunnel Blueprint call (usually $497)


Book your 30 minute Relationship Roadmap call (usually $222)

Don’t call it a discovery call, come up with your own unique name for this call that aligns with your main offer.

Give it a time and a dollar amount (be honest).