Marketing is Dead.
Do this Instead.

The future of marketing. What you’re doing wrong and what to do instead.

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First, we realize how important marketing is to the success of our business, so we start learning.

We learn from the people and programs that sell you their “secret proven process” for a lot of money.

We learn from marketers creating content for content’s sake.

You drown yourself in a plethora of ‘shoulds.’

Then we get overwhelmed and say “this marketing thing doesn’t work,” or social media is bullsh*t.

A few mistakes new marketers make:

  • Not having a realistic plan
  • Doing too many things
  • Doing the wrong things
  • Lacking consistency
  • Not taking into account their own energy
  • Forgetting intentions / values
  • Losing curiosity
  • Not building authentic relationships

In this training

In this training, I’d like to show you a better way to attract the right people, connect with them, and invite them to work with you in a way that feels good.

This training is $10.

Why isn’t it free? Because there are so many free trainings out there nowadays and I want the people on the training to be committed.

Committed to showing up, listening, and changing the way they do marketing.

This 1 hour 15 min training is October 27th – 10AM PST.

You’ll walk away with tangible ideas that you can use to build a sustainable marketing ecosystem.

Let’s have some fun.