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How to Scale Your Coaching Business with a HeartFunnel

Focus your energy on growing your business and coaching your clients.

This PDF will reframe the way you think so you can see the blind spots in your marketing. Save your energy and streamline your business growth.

What you'll learn

❤️ How to get unstuck

❤️ The known and unknown challenges you face when it comes to acquiring new clients

❤️ How to give your clients an unforgettable experience

❤️ How to overcome those challenges

❤️ What a HeartFunnel is and how it can help you breatkthrough the plateau

❤️ How remove yourself as the bottleneck

❤️ How to transform your coaching business so that you can focus on the areas that bring you joy

This PDF will be extremely valuable for you if...

❤️ You’re a coach

❤️ You have a successful track record
❤️ You don’t have a system in place for client acquisition
❤️ Your system stops after the conversion stage
❤️ You have a broken system
❤️ You have an expensive or annoying system
❤️ You have an unscalable system
❤️ You’re turned off by Clickfunnels
❤️ You don’t want to get stuck with a huge software bill every month for a bloated system
❤️ You’re sick of the tech stuff and just want a system that works!

Hi! I'm Miles

I’ve been in marketing for a decade. I love it. I started building websites back in 2015, which led to my first few online brands. I’ve had a hand in every aspect of marketing.

Copywriting, branding, web development, paid advertising, funnel building, email marketing, social media, design and more.

My partner Shoshanna started her coaching business in late 2019.

After some ups and downs, it exploded. She had more clients than she could handle!

This was wonderful to watch and be a part of; until things got messy. She found herself getting completely overwhelmed by all the tech stuff, especially building a system.

Her business coach told her she needed a funnel to grow an email list, build the relationship, and book calls for her so she can continue to grow without burnout.

She was posting on social media, doing facebook lives, running her group, writing guest posts for online publications, growing her podcast, and booking more amazing clients.

She quickly found her limits and needed help with organization.

She needed to get out of her own way!​​

So I sat down with her, asked her some questions, built out a simple funnel plan, and voilà!

Her funnel is running smoothly, building relationships, providing amazing value, helping people and moving them one step closer to becoming a client (all while she does what she loves most, creating content and coaching her clients).

Now I’m helping other coaches do the same with HeartFunnels!

How to Scale Your Coaching Business with a HeartFunnel

Focus your energy on growing your business and coaching your clients.