HeartFunnel VIP Week​

Your own heartfunnel in 5 days

Let's build your heart-centered Ecosystem in 5 days. Show off your brand, build your email list with the right people, and grow your coaching business using automation, design, and sequence.

Bring an open heart, a smile, and let’s change the world.

Your New Ecosystem

The word funnel gets a weird wrap, thanks to bro marketing.

That’s why I actually prefer the word Ecosystem.

But inside of your ecosystem, you must have funnels.

Put another way, you must have intentional client journey’s for your people to follow on their way to working with you.

Putting together an ecosystem that works can take time.

There are a lot of components.

You’ve got the:

➣ Copy

➣ Messaging

➣ Design

➣ Pages

➣ Sequence

➣ Branding

➣ Payments

➣ Automations

➣ Tracking

➣ Emails

What I’ve found is that this process is far more efficient when you and I can sit down for 5 days and give it the attention is deserves using a proven process.

You’ll be guided through an easful step by step process to extract what we need to build your system.

We will build it for you and show you exactly how it works.

This is the perfect way to honor your vision and feed your business so it can grow into it’s next evolution.

This is the perfect way to honor your vision and feed your business so it can grow into its next evolution.

Imagine This...

You’ve got a new offer you’re excited about.

You’re launching in a few weeks.

In only a weeks time, you’ve got a fully functioning ecosystem supporting your every move.

Now, you can focus on creating content, promoting your offer, and connecting with potential clients.

Post HeartFunnel Surgery Side Effects

  • A reliable and scalable lead generation system that will help you book out your offers
  • Tons of momentum
  • Sustainable growth
  • Grow & nurture one of your most valuable business assets, your email list
  • Attract, nurture, and convert the right people
  • Filter out the time-wasting window shoppers who will never buy
  • Create a heart-centered funnel that actually feels good!

Empowered Options

I’m not going to sit here and say, your best option is to hire me and all other options suck, because that’s not true.

There are plenty of other options and I want you to make an empowered decision.

Some options

  1. You can build it yourself. In fact, many tools are easier than ever to learn for yourself. You could try Kajabi or Squarespace or WordPress.

  2. You could go on Fiverr or Upwork to find someone who will do it for $100. This could be a good option, but in my experience, it hasn’t panned out well. I’m a firm believer in paying a premium for premium results.

  3.  You can, of course, hire me. This will cost you a bit more, but save you time and energy. You’ll get exactly what you want need. I’ll bring my own ideas and experience to the partnership, instead of just building what you think you want.

The Plan

It’s super simple. Here’s how it works


  • Strategize + organize + focus.
  • Onboarding and asset collection.
  • HeartFunnel Blueprint call


  • Build your funnel
  • Integrate and automate
  • Apply your branding
  • Do a celebratory dance


  • Seamlessly tying everything together
  • Optimizing for mobile and SEO
  • Testing and tracking

What You Get

  • 5 days container to work intimately with Miles
  • 3 calls (Blueprint call, first draft call, wrap up call)
  • HeartFunnel Blueprint + game plan
  • Done for you ecosystem
  • Slack communication
  • Access to the portal
  • Copywriting framework

Must Have Prior to Starting


This program doesn’t include branding (if you want to hire us for a HeartKit, you can do so here).


A validated offer and audience + clear, unique messaging and clarity around your brand and vision.

Regarding Tools

If you already have tools and want to continue using them, please know we work mostly with WordPress + Elementor + Siteground for hosting, and ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit for email automation.

We highly recommend these tools. But we also love Kajabi and a few other tools. There are certain tools we don’t work with (we can discuss).

If you don’t have (or aren’t married to) any tools yet, we will make recommendations based on your budget and needs.

Hi! I'm Miles


Marketer, copywriter, brain health nerd, entrepreneur, hippy, lover of coffee & frozen mangos (not at the same time).

I’ve been in marketing for over 8 years. I love it. I started building websites back in 2015, which led to my first few online brands. I’ve had a hand in every aspect of marketing.

Copywriting, branding, web development, paid advertising, funnel building, email marketing, social media, design and more.

My partner, Shoshanna, started her coaching business in early 2020.

After some ups and downs, it exploded. She had more clients than she could handle!

This was wonderful to watch and be a part of; until things got messy. She found herself getting completely overwhelmed by all the tech stuff, especially building a system.

Her business coach told her she needed a funnel to grow an email list, build the relationship, and book calls for her so she can continue to grow her business without burnout.

She was posting on social media, doing facebook lives, running her group, writing guest posts for online publications, growing her podcast, and booking more amazing clients.

She quickly found her limits and needed help with organization.

She needed a system to free her up!

So I sat down with her, asked her some questions, built out a simple funnel plan, and voilà!

Her funnel is running smoothly, building relationships, providing amazing value, helping people and moving them one step closer to becoming a client (all while she does what she loves most, creating content and coaching her clients).

This is for you if you’re ready to uplevel your internet real estate and have a system running that supports your growth


With my HeartFunnels work, I aim to positively impact 50,000 people’s lives through helping 500 heart-centered coaches build a sustainable ecosystem.

Let's Build your Heart-Centered Ecosystem

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