The Marketing
Ecosystem Workshop

A 6-week group workshop to build your sustainable marketing ecosystem with guidance and support.

November 2021


If you’re here, traditional marketing is not your thing.

Funnel templates, fake scarcity, and webinars make you cringe as much as me.

You’re over the high-ticket ‘programs’ that teach you stuff you already know.

You’re overwhelmed by all the marketing fluff out there.

You’re unclear on your marketing plan.

You’re current marketing ecosystem is either non-existent or unorganized…or not working!

And you’re sick of reading 50,000 word sales pages.


I’m not going to do that to you (or me).

Instead, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

What’s the difference between a Funnel and an Ecosystem?

Marketing is relationships. It’s human. And human relationships are not linear or incremental. Our marketing should adapt to the human relationship, not the other way around. Traditional funnels can provide some structural integrity, but they are missing some key components.

Sales funnel: the marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to a purchase. It’s an attempt to predict the buyer’s behavior along a finite customer journey. It’s often automated and sales-focused.

Marketing ecosystem: A sustainable and ethical marketing cycle made up of symbiotic marketing components that aim to give people all the information required to make a confidence decision. It mimics human behavior, which is often unique for every prospect. It’s a safe, involved, and adaptable conversion experience

Anatomy of the Workshop

On November 5th, the doors will close and we’ll decide on the best day / time of the week for the group calls.

This is a 6 week group workshop via zoom along with a community for ongoing support.

Each call will allot for 15m of Q&A.

WK 0 – Welcome + Intention setting call
WK 1 – Way of the Superior Brand
WK 2 – Boring AF Marketing Plan
WK 3 – Architect your Ecosystem
WK 4 – Build your Ecosystem
WK 5 – Build your Ecosystem
WK 6 – Audit + show and tell + test + next steps

It’s a good fit if you’re a…

  • Coach, healer, or creator who has some momentum, but needs an ethical marketing ecosystem that attracts, connects with, and invites in the right clients.

  • Someone who falls more on the introverted, energetically sensitive, creative side of the spectrum.

  • Someone who’s turned off by most of the marketing ‘tactics’ out there.

  • Someone who gets burned out and overwhelmed easily.

  • Someone who is anti-hustle culture. Someone who would rather work efficiently / effectively rather than work hard and grind.

  • Someone who cares about ethical marketing and wants to grow a thriving business in a way that feels good.

The Investment

I’m turning a 1-1 offer into a group workshop so I can serve more people in a more efficient way.

This is the first time I’m running this, so I’m dropping the price for the first group.

I’m planning on raising the price after the first workshop to at least 2000.

This first workshop is $1500

Payment option available.

The Workshop

$ 1500
  • 7 live zoom calls
  • Recordings
  • Voxer support / community
  • Tools + resources
  • (1) Ecosystem audit from me via loom

Heart 2 Heart

$ 2000
  • Everything in the workshop +
  • 3 - 1 on 1 coaching calls with me
  • an extra ecosystem audit

Split either into 3 monthly payments.


The best tool is the one you’ll use, efficiently. I will make recommendations based on your needs and tech skills. You can also use the tools that currently work for you. There is always the option to hire someone to do the building for you as well so you can focus on the strategy, creating content, and writing copy.

I would allocate 2-5 hours per week not including the 45m-75m zoom calls.

I like having skin in the game. So, if you’re not seeing the value after the 3rd week, you can request a 50% refund, no questions asked.

Anywhere from 4 to 8 awesome people.

Since this workshop will be small and intimate, we’ll have time on each call for  Q&A. We’ll also be using voxer to connect, get feedback, share results, celebrate wins, and ask for support. But if you feel you want more 1-1 support, sign up for the Heart 2 Heart package which includes 3 1 on 1 coaching calls and an extra audit.

You’ll be equipped with a simple marketing plan that aligns with your new ecosystem. Your next step is staying consistent, tracking your results, and potentially growing (virtual assistant, OBM etc). The community will continue after the workshop for ongoing support from other members.

Any other questions? DM me on IG or email me miles [at] myheartfunnel [dot] com